Who are we

The Association of Chief Admission Officers of Public Universities includes representatives from more than 70 major flagship and land grant universities in the United States. The primary member from each institution is the chief admissions officer, with some institutions opting to have one additional member – usually the chief enrollment officer or a senior associate director of admissions.

The institutions represented in ACAOPU have a number of characteristics in common that lead to rich discussion and sharing among our members. The institutions represented are:

  • State-supported
  • Large (usually 20,000+)
  • Research-intensive
  • Have NCAA Division I athletics, usually in Bowl Championship Series member conferences
  • In most states, the main campuses of multi-campus systems
  • In most cases, recruit and enroll a national and international student body

ACAOPU is an all-volunteer organization. The Executive Committee consists of the current President, past Presidents, President-elect and the Treasurer. Presidents serve two year terms, with the Executive Committee selecting a president-elect at least one year in advance. The Executive Committee also selects the host campus for the annual summer meeting. The President and Treasurer work with the ACAOPU members(s) from the host institution to plan the meeting, soliciting agenda items and discussion topics. The Treasurer also serves as the Membership Officer; there is not a defined length of service for that position; most ACAOPU treasurers have served many years. The University of Michigan maintains the ACAOPU list serve/email group and the University of California-Irvine hosts the data collection web site. Rutgers University hosts the ACAOPU web site.

At one time, ACAOPU members gathered only annually for in-person discussion of issues. Today, ACAOPU members:

  • Gather at a member campus each June for a 3-day annual meeting
  • Share written institution/state updates and best practices at the annual meeting
  • Meet with each other and College Board leaders at the College Board Forum each fall
  • Enjoy a member reception at NACAC each fall
  • Meet at the annual AACRAO National Conference
  • Participate in a very active list serve
  • Share application, admission and enrollment data with one another through a secure web site
  • Form task forces to research, review and publish on topics of mutual interest

In recent years the topics discussed in person and virtually among ACAOPU members have included:

  • Just-in-time trends in applications and deposits
  • Issues surrounding high profile intercollegiate athletics
  • Experience with CRM and other vendors
  • Strategic use of financial aid, including balance of merit and need-based
  • Regional recruiters
  • Changing demographics
  • Application questions, self-reported transcripts
  • Early programs and deadlines
  • International admission issues
  • Residency for tuition purposes
  • Holistic review
  • Office reporting lines, organization charts, job descriptions, salary information
  • State regulations and laws
  • Transfer issues
  • Dual enrollment
  • SAT/ACT changes and issues
  • Social media use in recruitment and yield

ACAOPU members hold uniquely challenging, complex and highly visible positions on their campuses. Members find that ACAOPU provides opportunities not only for expert information sharing, but also fellowship and a national network of collegial support.

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