Membership qualifications

The Association of Chief Admissions Officers of Public Universities is limited to institutions which are Research 1 (Carnegie RU/VH) schools with Division 1 athletics with national/international missions and national/international student populations. The organization’s focus is on issues that are of particular concern to the two or so flagship and major land-grant institutions in each state. The organization is intentionally small, less than 100 institutions are members, so that the conversations are robust, informal and relevant. Additionally, the College Board and ACT have affiliate memberships with ACAOPU.

The primary institutional member serves is the head of admissions, usually the Dean or Director of Admissions. Each member institution may also have a secondary member who has access to the list serve and website. Attendance at the annual summer meeting is limited to the Dean/Director of Admissions or his/her supervisor.

The Executive Committee is made up of the incoming and past Presidents and the Treasurer. The President is selected for a two year term by the executive committee. The Treasurer serves for a longer period.

Members have access to a list serve, may attend the annual summer meeting and the several gatherings held throughout the year at other national meeting venues, as well as information on the website which is member log-in protected.

Dues are $25 per year, per member within an institution (maximum of two members for each institution) and are invoiced every two years.

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