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ACAOPU is comprised of over 75 different institutions who represent the major flagship public universities in the United States.

The Deans and Directors of Admissions and heads of Enrollment Management of the schools belong to this network of professionals who meet several times a year to exchange information which is common to their institutions and address major concerns for large public research universities.

In recent years, ACAOPU members have addressed several concerns resulting in two best practice reports.
The Best Practices in Athletic Admissions and Best Practices in High School Credentials are available to the public and may provide some guidelines for individuals new to the profession or those seeking common practice suggestions.

The reports are available under the News section of the website.


  • Established Network of Admission Peers
  • Data on the latest Admission trends
  • Admission Resources

ACAOPU: A national admissions network of Admission Deans
and Directors of leading public universities

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